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Passport, Visa, Flights, Oh My!!!

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We're getting down to the finish line now and all the headaches and heartaches will soon be over. I received my new passport today so I can go and apply for our visas tomorrow. We will finalize our flights tomorrow as well and we should be off on Monday August 30th!!!

Some of you may have caught my previous blog entry (Prince and Rich) which I then deleted ( won't go into why) where I mentioned that we would be leaving Saturday August 28th.
The reason why we aren't leaving Saturday is because I messed up with my passport ( see Virgil I can admit when I screwed up). In order to apply for a visa your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the time you need the visa. My passport was due to expire this December. I ended up having to pay a hefty price to get a new passport in 2 days but it was well worth it cause our little bundle of joy is going to come home !!.

So hopefully there will be no issues in getting the visas and they should be ready on Monday just in time for us to leave.

My mom is going with us since she didn't get there the first time we were there. We should be able to celebrate Matthew's first birthday as a family. I even bought some party hats that we can all wear, although not sure how long Matthew will keep it on his head!!.

His room is all finished and it's just waiting for him.

So I figure I have 7 days left before my world turns upside down but in a good way The days of everything being about me will now be about him. To be honest I am not looking forward to changing poopie diapers (especially real messy ones) so we'll have to see how soon I can start potty training As for the throw ups and boogers that grosses me out as well and at times it makes me want to but somehow I will manage to get past this stuff and if I can't I'll call someone for help

I am sure my other half will be posting something before we leave.

The next time I post something here I will be a mommy!!!


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    Hi, Mom! Doing a victory dance as you and Virgil near the finish line to parenthood.
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    All right--been patiently waiting for this update. Soon very very soon now.
  3. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Yaaaaay! Good luck, guys! I hope there are NO snags and you have a great flight and a great trip and a good trip back and... well, I hope everything is great ::.

    I don't think I could handle the diapers/vomit/spit, etc... that's why I like cuddling other peoples babies. You can give them back, afterward xD
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    I'll post a blog before we go. Work is wearing me down. In a way it's a good thing we had the little delay. I really would have felt guilty taking off before this week is through. So much going on. Even so I don't know if I'll be finished with everything by Friday. But everything on the adoption looks like a go at this point.
  5. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Hey Puss and Virgil... The tears trickle... You guys deserve this boy... More to the point, he deserves you. Well wishes and lots of love to the new family... Can't wait until you have him home and he is yours to love forever. He is truly lucky.
  6. Janine's Avatar
    haha...the dirty diapers. I have news for you, Brooke is smart and over two; so far she wants none of that potty stuff. They even have a dvd and book on the subject. I don't know how I manage it; but everytime I babysit her, she never gives me a dirty diaper - perhaps grandmas are priviledged. You will get used to it all. Nowdays, they have all the conveniences to help. Get a Diaper Genie!

    Anyway, I am so excited now knowing the flight is booked - wowy - you are nearly on your way. This week will fly by and you soon see Matthew again and have him safe in your arms. I can't wait for the next wonderful update. All of your fine work has finally paid off. Good luck and travel safely. Give Matthew a Happy Birthday kiss for me. He's so adorable and cuddly.
    Updated 08-26-2010 at 10:23 PM by Janine
  7. andave_ya's Avatar
    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH glory hallelujah!!! You are doubly in my prayers and I am so excited for you!!!
  8. Paulclem's Avatar
    Excellent news. I can't wait for your blogs after you get back.

    Nappies aren't nice, but they really just fade into the background of your routine after a bit. You get so quick that everythng gets sorted super fast.
  9. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    So happy for you both!!