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A Lonely Traveller

My Dear, I Have to Say Goodbye!

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My dear,

I have to say goodbye now!
I have to go with the summer wind
to find out the meanings of life,
to see why there are so many flowers on earth
as charming as you!

When you miss me,
you might as well take a look at the wandering clouds;
floating like them,
I'm traveling everywhere.

When you see a shooting star
on a darkest night,
you'll know it's my life~
but leaving a delightful trail of light!

Updated 08-20-2010 at 05:51 AM by angliholic



  1. aliengirl's Avatar
    Beautiful! It is very nice and a little different from your other poems. There is something soothing and gentle about this farewell. May your stream of inspiration never end!
  2. angliholic's Avatar
    Thanks, AG, for the nice words.
    I was under the weather for a couple of days.
    I couldn't scribble and type!
    Sorry for the belated response!
  3. aliengirl's Avatar
    Well, you rather took my breath away for a moment. I thought that you were really gone saying goodbye in this dramatic way. Thank God, you are back with your refreshing and unique poems. And never say goodbye like this.
    Get well soon dear.
  4. angliholic's Avatar
    Thanks, AG, for this reply.

    And sorry for the delay, for I just noticed it!