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Snape becomes Oliver Twist

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Updated 09-18-2011 at 11:23 PM by Maryd.



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  1. dafydd manton's Avatar
    Give him our regards. I'll have a little bet that he'll come off completely stage-struck, which is fantastic. Which part is he playing. (I've always rather liked Fagin, my dears).

    All the very best with it. As the luvvies say, "Break a leg, Dahling!"
  2. dafydd manton's Avatar
    Ignore that question - Title reads "Snape BECOMES.." Sorry, just been out on a mind-bending driving lesson and I left my brain in the car for a a bit of a break.
  3. Maryd.'s Avatar
    No problems... He got an Oliver, T-shirt from school and is allowed to wear it, breaking the school uniform for the day... Totally strict rules on uniform... So he is happy about that. I know he will do well.
    Did you say you were going for a driving lesson?
  4. breathtest's Avatar
    i await the photos eagerly. Hope he does well, i wish him luck. And Heathcliff too.
  5. Maximilianus's Avatar
    I will quote dafydd's phrase, and I will say "Break a leg, Dahling!" to both Andgy and Frannie I'll be waiting for the pix too
  6. qimissung's Avatar
    Break a leg, Snape! There is no doubt in my mind that his will become THE Oliver performance, the gold standard for all others!

    And how cool that his big sis will be performing practically alongside him! There is no putting a damper on there talents, Mary!
  7. pussnboots's Avatar
    An actor and a musician. Pretty cool!!!

    Can't wait to hear about their performances.
  8. neilgee's Avatar
    That's great, Mary.

  9. Janine's Avatar
    Hi Mary, the link didn't work, but I take it this is the blog entry. Well, I certainly do wish your two budding stars success. As they say in theater - 'break a leg!' haaha....'good luck' is suppose to be bad luck. I hope all goes well. Stop being nervous Mum and enjoy yourself.
  10. Virgil's Avatar
    Lots and lots of luck. That sounds so exciting. I hope you take a picture of Snape in his costume and share it with us. Wow, I just realized, he's the star! Kudos to the talented young man. And give Heathcliff a hug. She's just as talented. Enjoy the show.
  11. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Thanks Breathtest...

    Maxi, I know it's a saying but the thought stresses me out.

    Qimissung, I guess I am one lucky mum.

    Thanks Puss and Neil... Mwah to you both.

    Janine, odd the link didn't work... But I'll try and take your advice. I don't get to see it until tomorrow. Today is the matinee for the surrounding primary schools. Lucky them.

    Dear Virgil... The kids will love your support. Poor Heathcliff won't even get to see the performance as she is in the back/side behind curtains... Such a shame.
  12. Virgil's Avatar
    Yes that is a shame about Heathcliff. But she will need to concentrate on the music.
  13. Haunted's Avatar
    So much talent in one family! Love to see the photos, good luck to both of them. You must be so proud!
  14. Jazz_'s Avatar
    So exciting - I'm sure everyone will enjoy it

    I bet you can't wait till tomorrow night - I look forward to seeing the photos...
  15. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Virgil, once again your wise words are correct.

    Haunted you know how proud I am of my children.

    Yes Jazz. I wanted to upload one of Andrew's songs, but this new laptop is useless. It doesn't let me do anything. Darn it.
  16. mtpspur's Avatar
    MaryD--thank oyu for the heads up on your blog entry. This sounds like it will be a highlight memory for the kids and yourself. Hope they have enormous fun and joy wiht the play. Humming Oliver as I type.
  17. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Your so cute mt, I can't help but hum to all the Oliver songs myself. I have been hearing them for the past five months.
  18. Maximilianus's Avatar
    And I want a French Horn Symphony in my collection too I already have the headphones prepared
  19. prendrelemick's Avatar
    I well remember the mixture of pride and apprehension a parent feels at these times. Try and enjoy it.
  20. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Sure thing Maxi will try.

    Thanks Prendrelemick, I'll try. Very anxious about tomorrow... But more excited right now.
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