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Snape becomes Oliver Twist

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Updated 09-18-2011 at 11:23 PM by Maryd.



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  1. adityasam's Avatar
    Show me photos!
  2. Maryd.'s Avatar
    When I get them... I will be taking them tomorrow. Mind you I am having trouble uploading them from this computer. I might go to the local library and upload them on their computer.
  3. Jerrybaldy's Avatar
    There is nothing prouder than a proud Mum. Good luck to you both
  4. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Thanks Sir Jerry... You are a gem.
  5. Heathcliff's Avatar

    It was good.

    Andgy was adorably awesome, I describe myself as 'epic'. Indy was epic as well, being Mr.Bumble.

    But I'm bias.

    The show tonight should be equally awesome.
  6. Maximilianus's Avatar
    So... let me get it... it was an awesome epic awesomeness epically biased and awesome
  7. Maryd.'s Avatar
    You got it, Maxi...
  8. snape's Avatar
    gdjgblby stop spaming snape. hi everybody thanks for all of your comments
  9. qimissung's Avatar
    Oliver, Oliver, never before has a boy wanted more! All RIGHT Snape, Heathcliffe and Indyben! May the awesomeness continue!
  10. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Hey there my son... You finally popped in, to say hello to the litnet world. You doing good boy. Mwah.
    Qimissung, the show is going good. Yesterday's performance was a little slow. But they say the middle performance is usually the one that doesn't quite measure up. Tonight is the finally night. So looking forward to it. Then I shall do another blog entry on the whole experience. Don't know about footage or photos, due to copyright. But am trying.
  11. Nikhar's Avatar
    Awesummmm! Congrats Snape!

    I have been a part of school dramas constantly too and it feels wonderful to act...specially if you are the lead
  12. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Thanks Nikhar, my love. The production is over now. With the final performance last night. So now I have to gather some photos and upload some here. Can't wait to show off my babies. Mwah.
    Updated 08-01-2010 at 09:30 AM by Maryd.
  13. Maximilianus's Avatar
    We'll be waiting for the pix
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