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Pandora Astronomical

You Raped My Mind

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A poem inspired by a disturbering dream I had, which stuck out in my mind for being so unlike any dream I had before.

You Raped My Mind

It haunts me still
the violence of the dream
so unreal, and yet so

It daunts me to recall
the hard metallic taste
that I cannot alleviate
from my mind.

It was something
raw and impure
and yet there was
an unavoidable need
for nothing more than
the friction of two bodies.

I was repulsed
yet convicted
covered in dirty
shame and the memory
of teeth marks upon
flesh a strange
surreal bareness.

It was not attraction
but grotesque
and I woke feeling
near shattered
wishing I could
wash my mind away.

The thought
of it ransacks
my senses,
this ugly undisguised
lust the feeling of being
throwing myself into it.

A thing devoid of pleasure
but boiled down
to a simple wanting
a need to be ripped

Like magnetic fields
pulled together
pushed apart
the irresistible
rebel soul
you were
no matter
your wretchedness
my inner resistance.

It was not about us
it was undisclosed
so I could see only
the hideousness inside
and give into your
Allah Almighty Bless this person's capacity to understand the Rape Of The Mind - which is as brutal as described.