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A New Project

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The allotment is coming on nicely. Weve had some of the first early potatoes, and Im now harvesting broad beans and radishes. The sweetcorn is looking very healthy and the runner beans are at the top of the canes.

The first crop

We have put in three kinds of courgette ,(zucchini), yellow globes, green globes and the usual ones. The globe ones are nice roasted, whilst my wife usually makes a good lasagne with the long ones.

Courgettes in the sweetcorn

My wife runs the nursery side of the operation employing three small portable and cheap greenhouses in our small back garden to fill the allotment with ready grown plants. She does a great job, and has aubergines, chillis, salad and tomatoes going in the garden, greenhouses, porch and conservatory.

A chilli plant with white flowers

An aubergine plant with purple flowers.

Tomatoes in the little greenhouse

The other aubergine plant. Both have fruit on them now.

The only problem this year was a lack of space to put in the kinds of amounts we want. Potatoes take up a lot of room, and so its a balancing act to try to get a good mix of produce in. I also wanted to try to grow some flowers this year, but neglected to think about when they need to go in Spring. I am a novice at this.

Anyway I went to see the chap who runs the allotment committee hes younger than youd expect and doesnt wear a flat cap. I said, Ive come to register my intention to have another half of an allotment. (I can be verbally pompous, though some people regard me as rough as an old boot). He works in a firm of solicitors and so was undismayed by my pronouncement. He informed me that there was a spare plot almost opposite mine, and that I could have it for 12 quid seeing as we were halfway through the year. He gave me the key and I had a quick tour. Im constantly amazed at how cheap it is. I didnt even have the 12 quid on me, but then he does know where I live and may well command a substantial army of spade wielders. Ill pay him on Saturday.

Overgrown is how Id describe it, with various bits of rubbish populating the edges, but, when I looked closer, I could see bare earth between the stalks of the weeds. Large parts of it are not matted with grass, and so it wont take too long to clear a good part of it. Ill be planting in the Autumn.

You can see that the ground won't be hard to dig.

It also has a shed, a large old shed, that looks as if it will fall down any moment. In fact on investigation, the whole thing is very solid. It is held up with railway sleepers, and would take some knocking down. It is just that the panelled sides look rough.

A fine old shed

So Ive got a bit of a project for the summer clearing the weeds and improving the ground. Hopefully Ill be able to get some fat off.

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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Nice. You garden looks great. I do miss having one, though my mother did plant some stuff in my back while I was away. But the trees around me has closed off most of the sun and it's not doing great. Looks like a few tomatoes. I should post a picutre or two of my mother's garden. It's doing very well.

    That overgrown allottment does look like a lot of work to get it ready. The ground may be soft, but there seems to be a lot there to dig. I guess you'll get a good workout from it.

    I never have planted in the autumn. What will you be growing?

    Happy growing.
  2. Paulclem's Avatar
    Thanks Virgil. Our garden's quite small so having this piece is great.

    I'll be putting in garlic and winter cabbage. Broad beans can go in, though you can plant them in the spring. You can also plant the large Japanese onions and raspberry canes. We want to grow flowers too, and my wife has some seedlings that will be ready to plant out soon.

    I've got about four weeks off in the summer, so I'll be able to have a good go at it.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Sounds great Paul. My garden is very small too. Life in the city does not lend itself to a large garden. But I suppliment it with pots on my deck. Except this year, though, I was away and couldn't do much. Best to you on yours.