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Sid The Vulture

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Sid the Vulture
The Serengeti

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
Buck House

24th June 2010

Dear Phil,

As my most prestigious sponsor I must thank you for all you are doing for me. I hope Liz and the Kids are doing well.

Well, things have been a bit quiet round here lately. This morning I watched the sun come up, sat hopefully in a tree for 4 hours and when I felt up for it I took advantage of the thermals and went for a bit of a soar. Around 1pm I detected the unmistakable odour of death on the breeze and flapped for about 10 miles until I found a dead Hippo. There were already a few of me mates hanging around so I put in and had a bit of a squawk.

Trouble is, with a nice big meal like this in front of us, we tends to have a bit of a squabble. At about 2:30pm the hyenas turned up so we all had a bit of a laugh until they broke in. Then I got up to me neck in the belly of the beast. It was a bit of a free-for-all but I got me share though, a nice crop-full of entrails. I spent the rest of the day sitting in a tree, dozing in the sun.

I’m really looking forward to the bloke from the RSVP coming by as they say he’s going to teach me how to kill stuff. He’s already taught me how to type.

All the best,



  1. PrinceMyshkin's Avatar
    I do hope Phil (minus the "h" plus an extra final "l"?) saw fit to reply!
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    Sid is amost uncommon vulture. The person who taught him to type should reap all the rewards due him. Maybe a hippo carcass.
  3. Hawkman's Avatar
    My Prince, I'm sure he either has or will. Actually I have an affectionate regard for the D of E. I find his effortless lack of tact and masterful ability to do or say the wrong thing in almost any situation, quite endearing.

    qim, yes, Sid is indeed a gifted bird. One would hope that the generous individual who gave of their time and taught him to type, would have a big enough freezer to accommodate such a substantive gift!

    Live long and prosper.
  4. Dr. Cambridge's Avatar
    I like his gaffs too. You do know they are actually a form of code to be deciphered by the intelligence boffins that handle all the cloak and dagger stuff. Always look for special meanings is my motto. (Not rude ones though.)
  5. Hawkman's Avatar
    You aren't a Dr. of semioligy by any chance? If you are perhaps you could advise me on my literary stategy based on bird sign. I am currently plagued by seagulls. They circle above me, calling ceaselessly