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Delayed passport

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Updated 09-18-2011 at 11:24 PM by Maryd.



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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh thank goodness it worked in the end Mary. I can't believe you actually had to change your name legally to do this. Beuracracy (sp?) is absolutely horrible. I don't think it's just Austrailia. You might have had similiar problems here.
  2. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Yes, but it's pathetic. My mother would be rolling over in her grave if she saw my birth certificate today... Mind you I am sure she would understand, but what a load of 'You know what?'
  3. Heathcliff's Avatar
    Hooray!! We finally got them!!


    Now then, time to skip the country in search of a land made out of pizza!!
  4. qimissung's Avatar
    You deserve a vacation after all that!
  5. Jazz_'s Avatar
    Hopefully I'll find it easier...
    I'm planning an overseas trip with friends, but am yet to get a passport - maybe I'll just stay put

    Glad it all worked out in the end, and I'm sure your holiday will seem even more relaxing after this ordeal
  6. blazeofglory's Avatar
    It is really interesting to hear that you got it finally. And now you and your family can have a trip anywhere. Of course once a year one should manage to visit new places or else life would be dull and boring. Civil service is worse in Nepal and for getting a small piece of work one has to bribe government officials. They are very harsh on us. Most of bureaucratic officials are corrupt and they have political connections. I thought it is just in Nepal. Now I understand it is the same everywhere.

    No matter how belatedly, Mary you got it finally!
  7. mtpspur's Avatar
    Glad it worked out. Systems seem to be designed with no room for anyhting but a straight line of thinking. Hope your trip goes well. I have always heard marvellous things about your country from friends in the Air Force that were stationed there.
  8. Haunted's Avatar
    Why is it so easy for someone to steal someone else's identity, yet so hard to proof to be yourself? I'm glad you got your passport, I'll be waiting to read your around-the-world-in-90-days travel logs
  9. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Hey Heathcliff... Pizza land here we come.

    Thanks qimissung, I so need it.

    Jazz... Just go for it. If you have any issues, keep going back as I did. They will eventually put it through... Plus if your name is the same on the birth certificate, then you will have no problems.

    Dear Haribol... Thanks for you kind words... Who knows, maybe one day I will visit nepal.

    mtpspur... Thanks sir. The country is good, it's just some of the weirdo's that ruin it, like in every country.

    I guess they have to be secure... But pick on someone else, please... I am queen of all nerds here in Oz... Really.
  10. Indyben's Avatar
    Congrats on finally getting em!
  11. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Thanks young lad
  12. dafydd manton's Avatar
    Glad you got there in the end. It's also quite comforting to know that bureaucratic stupidity isn't exclusively British, but that we've passed it on to someone else. I particularly like your comment about criminals with records going where they liked, shilst you were stuck at home. I sympathise.
  13. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Thanks dm, I was totally stressed by the whole thing... Time for a stiff drink.
  14. Maximilianus's Avatar
    I am glad you solved the problem Mary. Now, just in case, keep that passport in a safe place, or you may have to go through that whole ordeal again should you ever lose it

    My mum was dubbed as "Betty" when she was a kid, and she even used to sign her documents with such name. Fortunately she never had any major problems, but as soon as I could raise my voice loud enough I strongly suggested she should stick to her official name. Otherwise you can always encounter trouble Luckily she finally listened to me
  15. Maryd.'s Avatar
    I know what you mean Maxi... That sort of thing happens often when one changes country, your name is changed to suit the country, then when it comes to important docs, that same country wants your other name... Go figure!
  16. Maximilianus's Avatar

    Bureaucracy is such a pestilence!
  17. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Yes... Well at least it's here. My biggest problem now, is when and where to go?
  18. Jazz_'s Avatar
    Luckily everything I have has my full name on it, although I have been called "Jazz" for as long as I can remember...

    The problem of where to go is such a nice one compared to your passport fiasco - I'm sure you'll have a great time wherever you decide to go
  19. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Thanks Jazz. First we have to find the money...

    Peeks under the bed... Nope nothing there...
    Peeks in the milk money jar...
    Maybe I should send the passport back
  20. Maximilianus's Avatar
    Don't, you'll hardly ever get it again!!

    Bureaucracy is a worldwide plague. It would have been exactly the same here Unfortunately, it is a common flaw of every system
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