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After almost six full months, I have now landed a new job. It's been really difficult trying to gain employment in these hard times. The hardest part to getting a career job has been caused by the internet. Although the internet makes it easier to search for all of the job opportunities, it also makes it easier for all the other Johns, Joes, and Janes to search also. There was one factory nearby that I went to personally. After the ad hit the newspaper, I went straight down to the plant to apply in person, to make that first impression, but the response that I received from the receptionist was, "You can!"

I'm just another entry into a database of who knows how many. I'm not even a smartly arranged resume printed on an elegant stationary. I'm not a clean cut, well dressed individual with a smile on my face showing that I'm eager to show someone my abilities and qualifications. I'm not the face of initiative. I'm not a go getter. For now companies don't even give you a contact name and phone number. They only give you a link to click.

But I did find a company (the only company around) that I was able to fill out an application by hand. I received a phone call by a real person (not just another part of a Human Resources Department). The individual was able to talk to me directly, assess my abilities, and make a sound decision.

It's a small steel fabrication company but even larger than the company that I was working for before. Originally founded in 1948, it is an AISC certified, woman owned business that has been thriving for many years. They have hired me in to help save them money. I started on Thursday as their new Document Quality Control person. It is my job to review their specs, drawings, and various documents for errors and out of the ordinary costs that may get overlooked. Within minutes of receiving my first set of drawings, I was able to immediately detect errors, some of which would have cost additional time and resources.

It feels good to be needed.


  1. dafydd manton's Avatar
    Well done. Really pleased that you made it, and it sounds like you've been through the mill. All the very best with it!!
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Hey that's great Bien. I never realized you were technical. Have you been in Quality Control all this time? So your company makes steel? There aren't too many left in the US any more, but there are some smaller ones that must make specialty steels. Congratulations and best of luck.
  3. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Congrats Bien, I wish you well in you new job.
  4. The Comedian's Avatar
    Great news! It sounds like you are off to a good start. Hope the job works out for you in both the short and long term.
  5. Haunted's Avatar
    Congrats Bien, it's a great position and they're lucky to have you.

    So true about applying online. It's cold and it should be outlawed!
  6. qimissung's Avatar
    Wow,congratulations! That can be so devastating to be out of work. I am so happy that you found something that you like.
  7. BienvenuJDC's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. The worst part about the job though, is that it can be very tedious reading all of those specs. Sometimes it's just plain boring, but when you see a mistake (especially when it's one that would have costs a lot of $$) it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

    Virgil - I've been delving into structural, architectural and shop drawings for several years now. Trying to make the scribbles of architects and engineers work together for a finished product can be challenging at times.
  8. Virgil's Avatar
    Ah, a draftsman. I personally know what you mean by engineer's scribble. I can't draw to save my life. Lord knows where we'd be without you guys. The number of draftsman at most engineering places has gone down dramatically in the last 20 years or so. We used to have a huge drafting department at one time but with the computer software programs of the last two decades we only use draftsman for final production drawings now. Engineers do most of their own drawings. Even I could draw with these programs.
  9. BienvenuJDC's Avatar
    I just wish that the architects would communicate better with the engineers. I fault the architects mostly though. They seem to be such an arrogant bunch. They often design things that can only be built in a fantasy world.
  10. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh those are teh Civil Engineers that work with architects. I'm a mechanical. I guess a lot of architects are wanna-be artists.
  11. Gilliatt Gurgle's Avatar
    " I just wish that the architects would communicate better with the engineers. I fault the architects mostly though. They seem to be such an arrogant bunch. They often design things that can only be built in a fantasy world. "

    HEY !!!,
    I resemble that!, but no offense taken. That is particularly true in school.

    Anyhow, I noticed your blog yesterday and was meaning to jump back and congratulate you.

  12. zoolane's Avatar
    1st of well done on gained employment, I am so please for you. 2nd love the avatar.

    I have readed some of poetry, it lovely, must confess that I do not alway understand nature of peoms.
  13. BienvenuJDC's Avatar
    When purchasing a new sofa set, I tried to get the couch into my house...after three frustrating hours, I wanted nothing more than to lock the architect and furniture designer in a room together for two months until they came up with something that was compatible.
  14. Niamh's Avatar
    weldone and congrats on the new job Bien!