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Cloudy Trophies

My eyes do decieve me...

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Can anyone understand these things? It seems so farcical – that man can be so inventive, so creative, and yet a slave to the physical self! Is it perhaps because my mind so often conjures up mighty vistas of the imagination, never needing banal sight, that my eyes have wasted so? The sheer power of inherent wonderment is often enough; why then am I still so reliant on these weak orbs? Can human craft beget nothing more profound than flimsy plastic plates and tender wires to keep me truly in this world?

When, yesterday, my glasses, so long the frame of my existence, fell apart in my hands, my world vanished. Can you possibly understand it? How the world is transformed? How mind and reality blend into disharmony? We exist only outside ourselves by our senses, and when those are weakened, our self intrudes upon the world as we perceive it.

Observe! As I walk through the woods, on this most beautiful of days, such a change is wrought! The sunlight dappling through the leaves is still wondrous, but now it is tinged with uncertain danger – the blurred colours dance enigmatically, beyond comprehension, observed and yet unseen. I cannot match their subtle movements; they have escaped me. But my mind goes forth, surpassing the faulty apparatus of my sight, and the fluttering light seems to make the world whirl. Can you believe me when I say that it is intoxicating? Every spluttering shadow can hide a danger, and yet as I wander the luminescent bowers I am more alive than I have ever been. So alive that it hurts – I am losing myself, dissolving into the landscape, becoming simultaneously one and nothing!

To my left, through the dryadic trees, there is the gash of the river. My God, what words could describe it? The water is water no more; a breathless, dazzling evanescence that is both all colours and no colour. What is this world without certainties? This world where all things, external and internal, blur so easily? How can we exist as such?

The throbbing, insistent pain between my temples is all that safeguards reality. My desperate body clings to a whirling soul that every ambiguous, entrancing movement nearly draws out. Without sight, that which is ‘I’ wanders through worlds unrealised, never certain, never knowing if they be inward or outward. Pain, pain alone is within, the anchor of myself, the soul point of humanity in my light befuddled forest.

Would that you could ‘see’ my world? Ours is a precarious existence, subject to the transience of our senses. It is with conviction, and with utmost truth, that I impart this to you: these eyes of ours are doorways, going both in and out, and the inner lock is weak indeed!


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    What a beautiful essay! That's the way an essay should be written! The only thing, was this intended to be a bit tounge-in-cheek? I'm not particulary good at discerning that when it's subtle.

    And I'm sorry your glasses broke. That sucks.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    "Can human craft beget nothing more profound than flimsy plastic plates and tender wires to keep me truly in this world?"

    Hey, don't knock plastic plates until you are the one responsible for washing the dishes.

    A good read Loka, thank you.
  3. prendrelemick's Avatar
    Good blog Lokasenna. Strong drink can have the same effect.
  4. The Comedian's Avatar
    I love the mock-heroic tone writing of your post. Most enjoyable read O' near (or far!) sighted one.
  5. Lokasenna's Avatar
    Thank you all for your comments! Yes, it was supposed to be in a sort of melodramatic, mock-heroic style - in a world without dragons to slay, the worst enemy I can find is my dreadful eyesight and its effect on the local woods.

    That said, the application of extreme short-sightedness to one's vision does create an interesting visual effect. Every pin-prick of light becomes a sort of blurred sphere - the resulting mosaic seems to shimmer and move like a curtain of jewels, and I was very much struck by how attractive the effect was. It just oges to show that a change in perception can create entirely new worlds of experience.

    That said, I'm very happy to have my specs back!
  6. MystyrMystyry's Avatar
    Fear not -there may be solution not far over the horizon. In New Zealand they've identified the gene responsible for myopia (comparing a pair of otherwise identical twins). Soon we may all be related to a pot of canola margarine!
  7. hannah_arendt's Avatar
    Nice read, thanks Not so melodramatic, a little bit poetic This world probably is full of things, beings we don`t see.
  8. perhapsican's Avatar
    (I know this was written a while ago, but I'm new here so I've just been skulking around in the background for the last hour or so!)

    I love this! Wrote something similar once myself defending my lack of eyesight We get to see things in 20/20 or in glorious mirage. Never mind that I'm wandering through said beautiful mirage like this: haha!