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Living Breathing Contradiction...

Could I>

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Could I be the one for you
Could I be your girl,
Could it really be,
Fate is giving me my world?

Could I be the one for you
The one to help you forget
The girl that broke your heart and soul
The girl that haunts you yet?

Could I be the one for you
the one that tells you your incredible
Something you say you've heard
She still lives there, in your heart

I know it's hard to forget
and pick up the pieces she left
But could I be the one
To teach you how to love again?

Could I be the one to come
and mend your broken heart
are you willing to let me piece together
What another broke apart?

I know it won't be easy, and yes I can see
Your road has been long and rough
and your heart that was once soft
is now shut, locked behind walls you had to be tough

But maybe I can open your heart again
As mine opened for you
Just let me in, and love me back
That's all you have to do

I know I ask too much of you
But before we kiss and part
I promise to be nice and kind
If you let me in your heart.

wrote for a very good friend of mine.


  1. MUMUKSHA's Avatar
    Nice poem. Sweet and honest enough to mend a broken heart.
  2. stephofthenight's Avatar
    Thank You.
  3. Maximilianus's Avatar