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Halls of the Dark Muse

Ghosts Going High-Tech

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This morning I get up as usual and turn on the computer, and than because my computer is password protected I type in the password to open it up, and since that moment until now I hadn't touched the computer.

I went over to the couch and sat down to read for a while then I got up after a time and prepared a bagel and came back into the family room (other wise known as my office) to eat the bagel. I am one of these people that feel compelled to eat breakfast standing up because it is usually only a bagel or a bowl of cereal and to me that does not deem the need to actually sit down and eat so I am just kind of hovering in the room eating when I happened to glance over to the computer and noticed that completely on its own, it started to open up AOL to the sign in page.

And to say the least it has never done that before nor am I quite sure how it had managed to do it. In order to open up AOL, like with most things you have to go over to the icon and double click on it.

Sometimes when I bump into the desk accidentally it will cause the mouse to jiggle and the cursor to move, but I wasn't even anywhere near the desk this time and even if by some chance my slight moving around the room had caused the cursor to move and it just happened to scroll over the AOL icon (Which seems highly unlikely, considering that I walk in and out of the room, and around the room, and play Wii in the room all the time without disrupting the screen saver on the computer, and all it takes is the slightest movement of the mouse to stop the screen saver) but if by some fluke chance the mouse had been jiggled, just rolling over the icon would not cause anything to happen.

And there is no way anything (expect possibly a heavy object falling on top of it, which I can attest did not occur) could cause the mouse to accidentally click itself.
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