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Halls of the Dark Muse

Silence of the Night

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Silence of the Night

Dusk falls upon the forest, fading last light,
a gentle hush stirs the air, moves without sound,
nocturne woods come to life in stillness of night,
the wind a sigh of breath with owl wings bond
through descending darkness taking silent flight,
feather touch sends ripples of awe that resound,
the moon keeps vigil from her throne above,
her light descends on the wings of a dove.

Moth wings whispered breath and nothing more
rare muted beauty begins to unfold,
a waiting new world spied through midnight's door
here secrets never spoken of are told,
soft gray mist crawling along the forest floor
emerging a breathtaking sight to behold,
voiceless are the ones born beneath the moon
only they hear the stars play a distant tune.
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