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I love people, I love life, I love God, I love everything...

The infinite is real. If I left this instant, I would be 100% at peace with it, knowing that within everything is the source.

Infinite love, light, peace, bliss, and knowledge, thus is the source; thus is reality - inifnite beauty. Thus is reality, all else is nothing.

Every single doubt - nothing. Every single cruel word - nothing. Every single drama - nothing. Every single word - nothing.

Every single desire - nothing. Every single demand - nothing.

Every single doubt - nothing!

Time, take us away...
Life, take us to our soul's perfection,
Soul, take us to your center of Light,
Light, take us on your path.
Let us know we are Light!

The hand of God reaches us all,
Infinite peace and bliss is the birthright of all,
We are heirs of Immortal Bliss,
said the sage of the Vedas.

Said Emerson, the body of man is a temple,
where all goodness and truth reside.
A light we perceive, which shines from within or behind,
and become aware we are nothing, but the light is all.



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