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Graduation Part 2

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I graduated from Arkansas Tech University at Russellville. It was mandatory that I participate in the ceremony. We left the house at 9am and didn't get home until 6pm. It was a long boring day. Russellville is about 90 miles from my house, but it's a very curvy road. Mason got car sick on the way there, but we know to take an ice cream bucket or coffee can when we travel. They all slept on the way home. I was worried about the kids being restless in the stands. My folks weren't able to come because of Mom's illness so my husband had them on his own.

We ate out twice and that was fun. I can't believe how much the kids ate at lunch! We all ordered kids meals for dinner and the kids weren't able to finish theirs.

I graduated Cum Laude, even though I have to look up how to spell it every time. I was .008 away from Magna Cum Laude. I should be proud but I keep thinking how just a little extra push would have been enough to get me there. I had a fancy gold cord that I was really proud of. The kids were well behaved and when I looked at my husband sitting in the stands I could see that he was very proud of me. I had to stop looking at him or I would have cried.

4 years behind me. That's nearly all of little Max's life. He's so happy that I'm done with homework.

I came to lit net to see what people had to say about the things I was reading for school. It was helpful, but not really that much. Mostly I found lit net to be friendly. There are many of you that I feel like I know personally even though we are just cyber friends. Sometimes I feel silly when I talk about one of you as if you are my neighbor. I love you guys. Many of you have been so supportive of me during the difficulties I've face balancing family and college. I appreciate every kind and encouraging word.


  1. Niamh's Avatar
    Ok firstly... what the hell is Cum Laude? never heard it before! But then i've never made it to Graduation!
    Secondly... I'm sure the whole lot of them were proud of you. even little Mason whose glad you have no more homework!
    And thirdly... we all love you too! (hug)
  2. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I think it means with honors.
  3. applepie's Avatar
    I think so. If I'm not wrong, it means you maintained a GPA higher than 3.5. Great job, and I'm sure it is a huge relief to be finished. Enjoy the summer with your kids and relax. It is well earned.

    Much Love,
  4. mtpspur's Avatar
    You've been an encouragement just being out there. I'm sometimes guilty about caring just a bit more for people I shall probably nver meet in real life then real life I am acquainted with. Sigh. Very nice entry.
  5. qimissung's Avatar
    Congratulations, MotherHubbard! Graduating Cum Laude is no mean feat. It probably hasn't been all that easy juggling home and school, so that should have more than adequately prepared you for the world of work.

    My inner voice is telling me that one day soon you're going to be teacher of the year. I am never wrong.
  6. motherhubbard's Avatar
    Rich- Thank you.

    Qim- Thanks, I may just go ahead and order my plaque and possible a tiara!
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    Wow, just that fraction away from MCL. Ah, but it's well done and you should be very proud of yourself M-H. And it's my pleasure to have known you through here.