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Here We Come Kazakhstan

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It's 99.99% positive that we are leaving this Saturday. I applied for our visas yesterday and should be able to pick them up tomorrow. I will be confirming our flights today and doing some last minute paperwork today and tomorrow.

After enduring 3 years and 8 days of paperwork, delays, more paperwork, delays, updating of paperwork, more delays, our time has arrived.

Virg and I will be very busy these next few days tying up all loose ends. I'm sure he'll be on here just until its time for us to leave

I just want to thank everyone that has given us their support and hope you continue to hold us in your prayers until we are all home safe and sound.

Not sure how often I will be posting anything when we are there but I will let everyone know one way or the other how things go when we are there.

Till then

PS: the temperature in Shymkent is currently 78 degrees F and the first week we are there should be in the mid 80's during the day and at night dip into the low 60's.

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  1. TheFifthElement's Avatar
    That's excellent news pussnboots. Congratulations. I hope it all goes smoothly and I wish you both oodles of happiness.
  2. PrinceMyshkin's Avatar
    Frankly, I'll be looking for just one word: the name you've chosen for your child! Bon voyage et bon retours!
  3. Scheherazade's Avatar
    Good luck and all the best!

    Please keep in touch if it is at all possible while you are over there.
  4. The Comedian's Avatar
    Best of luck to you! Safe journey, successful adoption, safe return!
  5. Madhuri's Avatar
    Good Luck!! And don't forget to take pictures
  6. applepie's Avatar
    Both of you have a safe journey, and I can't wait to hear about your child.

  7. Paulclem's Avatar
    Best wishes to all three of you.
  8. Maryd.'s Avatar
    You go guys... Enjoy your bundle of joy. And as paulclem says, Best wishes to all three of you... Keep smiling.
  9. motherhubbard's Avatar
    have a safe trip. I hope you have one of those phones that lets you upload pictures!
  10. qimissung's Avatar
    Fingers crossed, a word of prayer...may it be awesome, may it be joyous, may it be miraculous! Little bird, fly home to us.
  11. Virgil's Avatar
    Thank you all. We will try to get on line when we get there. I just saw the itinerary and it's a brutal 24 hours. It's not easy going to the other side to a remote region. How exciting though!! I'm stocking up on Russian literature to take with me.

    We will take plenty of pictures. If we get internet connection we will provide updates and pictures. I'm also keeping a journal for this.
  12. BienvenuJDC's Avatar
    You both will be in my prayers. Let Him guide the way and to bring the three of you home safely when the time comes.
  13. Niamh's Avatar
    I know i've already said best of luck (or just a big YEAY!) but i'm saying it again because i'm so excited for you! Yeay!!!!!!
  14. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I'm so excited I could cry! I'll be thinking of you.
  15. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    I can't believe it. =D. I know this isn't going to be a vacation, and is probably going to come with its own set of stresses and worries, but I must say- ENJOY, after how many years of waiting?
  16. Virgil's Avatar
    This month 1n50mn14 (boy that's hard to type ) makes three years when we started this process.
  17. samercury's Avatar
    That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys- best wishes to you both (and the baby)
  18. Janine's Avatar
    Best of luck and I will keep praying for you to have safe journeys, there and back. I can't wait to hear more and hope you can let us know someway while you are there. What a wonderful life changing experience it will be. I can't wait to see photos of your little precious one. I am so happy for you!!!
  19. Helga's Avatar
    best of luck to you guys! and travel safe! this is the beginning of a wonderful journey and this child is so lucky to have you
  20. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Just reading all your blogs and it is quite a well documented journey. It is such a happy story.
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