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short update

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I promised I wouldnít wander off and Iím not, Iím only kind of wandering off a little bit. My Novel workís due in 5th May and Iíve got 2 essays on May 7th. Iím actually lazing around more than working but I am working on it. So blogging doesnít cross my mind much except for ĎI promised not to wander off for months on end again and itís been a while since I last blogged. I promised not to wander off until Iíd at least filled in the backdated events.í So this is just me saying Iím still here, Iím just a bit busy now.
I got a friend request on facebook from Tom yesterday. I chose to ďquietly ignoreĒ it. Heís the last thing I need right now and I certainly donít want him being able to mix with the friends I have now, old and new donít usually mix so well. I only mention it because it was a surprise, it must be nearly 3 or so years since I even spoke to him. He still plays on my mind, usually when Iím bored and start wondering what if. But then I think, who cares anyway and move on.
I think Iíll get back to my story now. Iím a little reluctant though, Iím afraid of ruining it, Iíve nursed it for nearly a year, Iíve designed absolutely everything in it (I love doing that, itís so much fun to do) if it stays unwritten I can keep it with me and change it until everything fits perfectly and I can make new stuff up thatís just as much fun and also, if I keep it inside me it canít get hurt, no one can criticise it and comment on it. Then again, if I donít write it then I fail and donít get to graduate and whatís the point of nurturing it for so long if no oneís going to ever read it. Makes no sense. Besides, writing it up has itís good points too, Iím forced to pin down things that were vaguely floating around before, so I can make it better. Anyway, who cares if someone criticises my work? Not every one will hate it. In the passed 3 years especially, Iíve learnt that Iím not alone, there are other people in the world with tastes and opinions like my own who will like what I write. So, whatís stopping me now?
This is good, I really want to get back to writing it now so Iíll do just that.
Also, I got details about my graduation.


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    Yes, do not let that black cloud of flies stop you from writing! It will not be perfect, but it may, just may be amazing.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    If you ever wish to share a few pages of your story writing, i'd be interested. Good luck with your graduation.