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Halls of the Dark Muse


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I am so annoyed right now. There is this poetry forum that for more than a year now I have served as an Admin for, and the truth is, and I don't mean to sound like I am just bragging, or I am not trying to be biased, but just stating the facts for what they are, I have done more to keep the forum running than the owners themselves have, who are virtually never around. I am one of the most active members of the forum, and have been one of the most consistent staff members.

If anyone has a problem, or a question, it is always me the other members or moderators contact.

I have just recently updated the forum rules to make them more up to date and more accessible to members and to address current problems the forum had been experiencing.

I have run contests for the forum, and kept order more than anyone else has.

So the owners of the forum made on of their appearances and said they were going to be cutting back on staff because there was more than they needed, and that they would be removing the least active members.

This morning I had a PM from one of the owners telling me that I had been removed from stuff as being one of the least active.

And I was just like what the hell? You are kidding right? I have been more active than either of them have.

I have one of the highest post counts of anyone on the forum and I am there like every single day.

There have been no complaints against me, everyone else on the forum, even people whom I have had disagreements with respect me and the way that I run things.

I swear I think they are just doing it because they want to get rid of me because they personally do not like me, because over time we have had some disagreements on certain things. So they are just using this an excuse to try and remove me while trying to make it look like they are not using their authority to act out on a personal vendetta.

So I called them on it, and sent them back a PM telling them that I was quite confused on exactly how they figure that I am one of the least active, when I am active every single day and one of the most active members for the forum.


  1. L.M. The Third's Avatar
    That. sucks! I hope you find out that it was all a mistake
  2. Dark Muse's Avatar
    Yes it is quite annoying, but I just tell myself that it only means that my life has been made easier, I can post my work and not have the burden of the responsibility of running things and I know that fellow members and the other moods will think it is bogus.

    And as of right now my PM that I sent is being completely ignored.
  3. Maryd.'s Avatar
    No dear... This is terrible... Tell me it's not true. Keep us infrormed. Mwah to you big time.
  4. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Don't they have stats that they can show you? We all have records on your pages of how many posts we have made as well as our PM records.

    In any case, I am sorry that you got cut.