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well it's my day off, it's 7:40 and I just came back from getting my son to school. Now I'm gonna study a bit (if I get myself going) and at ten I'll be visiting a homeopath and she's says she can fix my lower back and hip pain, we'll see. then I'm gonna go shopping both grocery and for a birthday present for my boy, it's not 'till May 24 but I have been watching this for months and I want to buy it now, it's a cd player for kids with a microphone and recording, he loves to listen to both music and stories and I looked for this for so long until I finally found the one I wanted.

and also gonna visit the only petstore I could find that has a special comb I want to try for my dogs it's a small comb with a razor blade in it so as you comb you cut the hair too and Spock could definetly need a haircut. I always say that he got the double fur from both of his parents so he has 4 times the fur of a normal dog.

I went to get my son a haircut yesterday I had specific ideas about cutting it very short all around but leave the bangs as they were so I could comb them up and he'd look like Tin Tin, but the lady didn't do like I wanted, it's still really cool cause it's longer on top but not the way I had planned but you know me I only sit quiet and agree... hate it...

there is a teacher at my sons playschool that has been filling in for his teacher now for a few days and I'm so happy about the music he teaches the kids. He always has a guitar and sings Jeff BUckley and stuff like that, I can't say I was happy a while back when my son came home singing mama mia by Abba! but last monday when he started singing Halleluja, that made me very happy!


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    tin tin...cute!

    It sounds like you found the perfect present!