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Halls of the Dark Muse

Lovers as Warriors

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Lovers as Warriors

You must not think I am unromantic
because I refuse to spend my day
writing sad songs about heart break
and flooding rains of tears.

You must not think I am unromantic
because I do not see the reason why
I should throw myself at the feet
as if upon an altar of worship
before another who I know will never
love me back, and that I neglect to
sigh in compassionate understanding
over glamorized stories of unrequited

You must not think I am unromantic
simply because I do not see fit
to live a life looking back, pining over
the one "who got away" or languishing
over the boy who choose another
instead of me, living in my own bitterness
over what cannot be changed.

You must not think I am unromantic
because I refuse to glamorize the pain,
and weep my soul into sonnets, or because
I see no purpose in wasted anger
at the one who does not love me anymore,
where has it been writ that romance must
be fragile? And that only the heart that
shatters knows the essence of love?

Warriors can be lovers too
and lovers can be soldiers,
just because we are the ones
who live to fight on, and brush away
our scars does not mean we love any less,
but we are the survivors who love in the present,
and don't waste what we are given forever looking
back into the past.

We take the blows that are delivered
and in the end find the means to laugh
at our own foolishness, we glorify the moment,
thankful for what little we could share, and when
it comes to the final hour, we let our memories
into the wind and march on into the next conquest.

Just because I cannot say in honesty
that my life would stop without you,
and just because I cannot pledge that if you left me
I will never find happiness again,
does not mean that I love any less,
but like a phoenix from the flames,
I will always rise again above the ashes
of my sorrows.

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