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Being Held Hostage

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Just found out this morning that our revised Power of Attorney is being held hostage in Germany due to the volcano. which is why we haven't received our letter of Invitation To Travel yet

I sure hope that Fedex can get a plane in the air so our coordinator can get it by this Friday. I also found out that it generally takes a few days from the issuance of the LOI to get the cable to NYC. Once the cable is received we can apply for our visas which hopefully won't take too long and off we go!!

Now lets hope that this second volcano doesn't erupt or else I will

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  1. applepie's Avatar
    You're getting there. Just hang in there a bit longer :)
  2. pussnboots's Avatar
    It's getting real hard to stay positive. I thought last week I'd get to spend my birthday in Kazakhstan next week and that is not going to happen. Now I am wondering if I will get to celebrate Mother's Day or will I have to wait another year.
  3. applepie's Avatar
    Celebrate Mother's Day :nod: You're so close, and think how many women celebrate if they're pregnant on the day. I think you've more than put in the time to celebrate all you want :D

    Just keep trying to stay positive. I know it is hard, but you are so close, and it always seems that the last bit of anything worth anything is the hardest. It will be all worth it when the time comes.

    Much Love,
  4. Niamh's Avatar
    you are almost there, dont let this hurdle hold you back. fingers crossed its the LAST ONE!
  5. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I think you should have been celebrating mother's day for the past three years! you've been working on this hard and you should be recognized! I'm so excited. I feel like that whatever is right there in Germany and things there are clearing up and you are practically out the door. maybe if you sit on your front steps with your carry on you'll feel closer or maybe the neighbors will just think your off your nut

    it was a matter of years, then months, then weeks, then days, but now you can really count the hours! Even if it's two more weeks that's just 336 hours and another week just adds 168 hours- that's NOTHING! You can so make it with a full heart and a positive attitude!
  6. Paulclem's Avatar
    UK airports are now open.
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    No celebrating until it's official. I'll take you out for your birthday instead.
  8. pussnboots's Avatar
    see what I have to deal with people!!!
  9. sprinks's Avatar
    Just finished not long ago catching up with Virgs blog, and well at least you found the reason for the delay! Though I thought at first you meant that someone was actually being held hostage by someone else!
  10. ClaesGefvenberg's Avatar
    I just read Virgils blog too. Anyway, the ash cloud seems to have cleared a bit here so hopefully you will be on your way soon (or maybe you already are?). Good luck to both of you.

  11. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    So glad to see your blog! I can now follow what's happening and check in every few days. I hope once you are over there that you can still keep blogging.