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April fools day

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I picked up the newspapers this morning and was gonna try and find April fools article or something like that. well they were very lame this year one was about people coming together to herd cats another one about Shumacker giving autographs and it was kinda mean cause in the commercial it said that kids from 7-12 would ride on a go kart track for free because of it. the last one I saw was about army choppers taking tourists up to see the volcano. I'm not gonna run.

I am not big on jokes like this, I am starting to think I am a very boring person. I don't want to participate in games, I don't want to travel a lot, I try to avoid parties and other social gatherings. I don't know, I am just not wired with a social gene. tomorrow there is an annual dinner at my uncle's house and it kinda bugs me that it's on my birthday I just hope they won't sing or anything like that, man I'm boring.

I've been drinking coffee constantly for about an hour now, I didn't get very good coffee at work today so I'm drinking like crazy right now. I have been drinking coffee since I was eleven and it is always my favourite drink.

well life goes on and so must I


  1. Dark Muse's Avatar
    Nah, you are not boring, I aviod all social gatherings like they are the plague! And I think that most April Fools jokes are pretty lame.