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A Ramble through Smilie Land

blah, moody monday thoughts

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I don't want to go t worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk today, I want to stay home curled up in bed and read lost of things!
Oh well only 9 days and I get a whole 3 days running off! woohoo! Unfortunatly I have to spend it with my family- stupid big mouth- whihc means no reading and no computer, becuase staying in bed reading all day ( or even just a measly hour) or playing on the computer for hours is antisocial don't you know.... grumble grumble.
Ah well I get to do year 7 report cards today 90% of them are pretty much failing! ( these kids get hysterical if tey get 90% and I am not giving may of them above 60%. That will teach themto scive my classes!


  1. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Nightie, you make me chuckle! I hope you are having a good time despite your moody Monday,
  2. Nightshade's Avatar
    Heh! I just inished wroting reports for one of the classes when you actually get into the swing of it writing things like E---- seems to believe that the purpose of school is PE, is awesome.... I just have to rember not to get too carried away...