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The (not so) Inner Whinings of an Impatient Rambler


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~*100 questions about me*~

~Basic Info~

Name:: CC
Age:: 20
Sex:: Female
Height:: A hair short of 5'7
Hair Color:: Brown, reflects kind of gold in the sun
Eye Color:: Dark green
Body Type:: My friends call me the Tiny One because I have small features but I'm also slightly pear-shaped
Religion:: Raised Catholic, but I'm an atheist
Ethnicity:: Dutch on my mother's side, and pure Canadian on the other (English, Scottish, Dutch, but from a loonng time ago)
Orientation:: Vertical..oh, did you mean my sexual orientation? Way to be specific. That would be straight.
Status:: Eligible to Vote. Oh, haha, my bad, single.


Color?: Green
Hair Style?: Long but with layers and bangs
Food?: Cheese and fresh bread
Soda?: Ginger Ale. Warm and flat.
Alchoholic Beverage?: Rum & Coke and Champagne, but not together
Store?: Lush
Mall?: Haha the one on my bus route home?
State?: In Canada they're called provinces, friend. Better make that Ontario.
City?: Toronto!!
Animal?: Horses
Movie?: The Wizard of Oz, The Silence of the Lambs, Casablanca, Dial M for Murder, and Beauty and the Beast
TV Show?: The Big Bang Theory
Book?: The Crucible and East of Eden
Music?: Indie rock, Punk rock, anything experimental
Song?: "The Men Who Live Upstairs"- The Most Serene Republic
Band/Artist?: Broken Social Scene would have to be the winner here
Website?: Embarrassingly, The North Americal Journal of Animal Science heh heh

~This or That~

Soda or Juice?: Juice
Music or Internet?: Music
Rock or Rap?: Rock
Dogs or Cats?: Cats
White or Black?: Black
Myspace or Bebo?: Facebook
Cell Phone or I-pod?: I can;t live without my iPod
Curly Hair or Straight Hair?: Curls!!
Lap-Top or Computer?: Laptop
Corded Phone or Cordless?: Corded. There's too much background fuzzy noise withcordless phones
Mountain Dew or Pepsi?: Pepsi
Pen or Pencil?: Pen
MP3 Player or I-pod?: iPod
Phone or Internet?: Internet
Single or Taken?: Single
School or Work?: Right now, school


What do you do in your spare time?: Watch a lot of movies, read
What do you wish you had more time for?: Riding my horses
Whats your usual clothing style?: Jeans, ballet flats, whatever I like and is comfy
Whats your usual hair style?: Long and curly
What are you wearing?: Skinny jeans, a cream and brown tanktop, and I was wearing a brown cardigan, sparkly ballet flats, and a pink knit hat
Are you single or taken?: This again? Single
If taken, by who?: My education haha
Who would you die for?: My animals. Seriously
Are you a virgin?: Now what kind of a silly question is that?
What do you think of one night stands?: Not worth it
Whos your best friend?: Her name is Erin
How long have you been friends?: 13 years
How did you and your best friend meet?: At school in grade 2
Do you have any pets?: Yes
If yes, how many?: 3 horses, two cats, and a fish
Do you plan on getting married?: Yes
Do you plan on having kids?: No
If so, how many?: None..or if I somehow get shanghai'ed into it, at least 4
How old did you wish you were?: I'm 20 now. What more could I ask for?
If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be?: At the barn
Why?: Because it's where I'm happiest
Ever gone Camping?: Yes
Have you ever caught a fish and ate it?: No
Have you ever gone water skiing?: No
Have you ever gone water tubing?: Yes
Have you ever gone skiing on a mountain?: No
Have you ever gone tubing on a mountain?: No
Have you ever gone Snowboarding?: No
Ever gone to church?: Yes
Ever gone to a famous water park?: Yes
Ever gone out of State?: The province you mean? Yes
Ever gone out of the country?: Yes
When was the last time you left town?: The last time I went to visit home from school
Anything you got planned for this weekend?: Sure
If so, what?: Nothing much, applying for summer jobs and then drinks with friends on saturday and doing homework on sunday
Is this survey curing your bordom?: What boredom?
Do you resemble anyone famous?: No
Are you related to anyone famous?: Apparently
If so, who?: Walt Disney, extremely distantly
Do you think your hott?: Haha no
Do other people think your hott?: I tend to be called "cute" more than "hot"
Do you think your skinny?: Not skinny, but I'm thin. Not underweight or anything.
Or do you think your fat?: Definitely not
Or just in between fat and skinny?: Like I said, I'm thin
What year were you born in?: 1989
Ever been on a blind date?: Never! My friends know better than to set me up with a random person.
What do you enjoy doing when your bored?: Reading, Watching movies
What do you do in the summer time?: Work, read, spend a lot of time riding my horses and just being around the barn
Are you naturally tanned?: That's a joke, right
Or are you kinda pale?: Pale as death. I glow in the dark
Do you live in a house?: Yes
Or do you live in a apartment?: No
What do you have on your mind?: I'm on the phone with my mum right now, so baby showers and wedding plans
What time is it?: 11:38 pm

I actually have a night off and this is how I'm spending it. Shameful.

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  1. OrphanPip's Avatar
    I love BSS too, Lover's Spit ftw.

    Haha, me and my ex used to like "I'm Still Your Fag" too. The video is adorably awkward.
  2. applepie's Avatar
    There's worse things than having a science journal as a favorite. I am always a big fan of the site for NASA :blush: I have to check it out at least once a week or so :D
  3. Niamh's Avatar
    I remember doing something like this on FB.
  4. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    @Pip: Yes, they're amazing. Instrumentally brilliant. Lover's Spit is a great song, especially Feist's version. If I had to pick a fav song, which is extremely difficult, I'd go with 7/4 Shoreline. Oh those horns!

    @Meg: Yeah, it started because I was doing so much research for school but then I just got hooked. SO much to know, so little time! NASA, eh? That's awesome haha

    @Niamh: yeah, these have been around for a while haha
  5. Heathcliff's Avatar
    Haha. Awesome. I started a conga line of people unleashing their lives.

    That's all pretty cool. Awesome to see that you are happiest right where you are,
  6. qimissung's Avatar
    You have gorgeous coloring, a happy family, goals, ambition, friends, pretty much everything from the sound of it.

    Love that song. Wowzers!
  7. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    @Heath: Haha feel free to take all the credit here!

    @Qim: Wow, thank you! That's most generous and kind! Which song do you love? A few have been mentioned, all of which are definitely Wowzers.

    Oh, I suppose this already deserves an update:

    Do you have any pets?: Yes
    If yes, how many?: 3 horses, two cats, and 4 fish (as of today haha)
  8. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Oooh, four fish, . I have... seven hamsters... as of today... apparently two girls can make babies. *eye roll*

    I also love Lush! I could spend all day in there!
  9. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Becca! Good work! What are you going to do with them?!

    Yeah, I worship Lush. They're the only cosmetics I use, and it's been that way for about four years. They're the one thing I refuse to give up in the name of saving money haha.
  10. qimissung's Avatar
    I first listened to "Lover's Spit" by Broken Social Scene. Love it! and have favorited it on youtube. Then I went back and listened to "The Men Who Live Upstairs" by the Most Serene Republic, which I also love. That one kind of reminds me of this song, by Polyphonic Spree:!v=Gewb...eature=related

    Enjoy, "Classic" and thanks for all the music!
  11. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    ^^C.C, I don't know, luckily I have a few weeks to figure that out, lol... hello, Kijiji...
  12. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    Try the pet stores in Guelph to see if they'll buy them from you!
  13. qimissung's Avatar
    Actually, we had that happen once. It was...not fun. Hamsters can be vicious little creatures. We called the pet store; they refused to buy them, but kindly agreed to take them off our hands.