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Wrapping up

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The semester is almost over and things are getting a lot better in my part. Papers are done and so is my research paper in its half-way. If I think of all the things that we have been through this sem, I would probably end up dozed-off (more than I have ever imagined). A lot of things came up that made me a little more skinny than my usual structure-and as pale as a sick patient. Counting on on what have we done. . . Poetry Hour (poetry presentation) where we presented Hawaiian poems, World Poetry presentations and analysis papers (a toss-up really), American Literature book reviews and presentations, Literary Criticism reporting and paper works (countless), Korean exchanged students invasion (we had a lot of talks with them until they left our school), the toils in my research paper, and not to mention the examinations which really tried out appetites. We're happy we still survived though. . . barely.

Despite all this things, we found enjoyment in any event. The sem is almost over and for sure we will miss all of those. One year more and I myself will be departing the walls of my alma matter and lead a much heavier life... I hope I will find myself ready to kick off a professional life. more patience. . .to persevere. . . more stamina . . .to stay alive. . .more grey hair--if that counts!

oh, here's some of our pictures!

more pictures here


  1. AuntShecky's Avatar
    Gee, your blog pages look terrific. Me,
    I'm lucky to get my text into a different
    color. The graphics on my stuff look like a 19th c. German textbook. I envy the technical skills and talents of my
    fellow LitNutters.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Glad your semester is almost over. I'll bet you'll miss all those girls. Why is it that eyemaker is always surounded by girls in his photos?