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The last entry was moody it time for some nighty light heartedness... eh yeah, ok. So here is a bit of happy and amusing news. I love work, its hard I am under appreciated and not very well paid but its brilliant. Much as there are days I can’t stand the kids they do amuse me. And hey I am getting to crown myself Queen of Bookland and wonder around in a crown all day how awesome is that?
Life is good as Ive said before I am loosing weight but the heat is already draining me and its not even April yet. What else? Oh yes Don Quixote ... so when I was about seven my best friend’s maid/cleaning lady/ help/ childcare provider/house keeper/ nanny/cook whatever you want to call her told me the story of someone who lived down the street from her in India, she told me that woman literally went mad from reading too many books and that she could no longer differentiate reality from fiction. I have never forgotten this especially as there are days when I would much rather be a charcter in a book, even a romance book at least that way I am guaranteed a happy ending! Anyway, so I finally started reading Don Quixote and imagine my surprise and the amount or ROFLOL that occurred when realised that this is the story she was telling me, but gosh the book is so funny , granted I am only on chapter 4 because I forgot it a school still I am being thoroughly amused by it.
I am in a completion with the kids a t school to see if they can read 30 books before I can read 100, in theory this was possible, unfortunately I have discovered I am not the only child who read/reads 6-8 books a week, and I am about to loose and as a reward the students get to crow and do a victory dance in assembly . Ah, well. Anyway so i had Don Quioxte at school yesterday when I had to baby sit the kids who wouldn’t leave till 445and one of them picks up don Quixote,
“what is this miss?”
“A book Twin 1” ( I can never remember their names so they have become twin 1 and twin 2)
“what does it look like?”
“ Food! Can I eat it” cue crazy 11 year old laughter “what is it about?”
So I explain about don Quixote and he starts flicking through it ....
Miss this book is too long 938 pages anyone who reads it will go crazy like this man, ... oh but not you of course!
At which point I was in peels of laughter... you should have seen his face when he saw the page number he couldn’t b believe that there was a book that long! He actually looked like this


  1. Niamh's Avatar
    kids! blessed them!
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Don Quixote is one of the funniest reads. I loved it. Sounds like you're having a good time. Are you by yourself in Egypt or do you have family near by?
  3. qimissung's Avatar
    Kids are adorable, even when they're not!
  4. applepie's Avatar
    :lol: Too cute, and I can imagine the face.