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A Ramble through Smilie Land

Ranting- if you don't like it don't read it!

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Why do people make such a big deal about sexuality? Especially other peoples sexuality? What I want to know is how is it anyoneís business but me and whoever I choose to hum share my sexuality with what orientation I am? Why does everything have to be a big deal, religion colour race? What a load of crap! I mean seriously why do people make such a big fuss about a person because they are gay? Or non white? Why do the words we use to describe a person even matter, when what really matters is who you are as person, a persons soul, spirit essence whatever you want to call it the them in them... Oh it makes me so mad when I hear people talking about what a big deal it is because so and so is from an ethnic minority or talking about gay six year olds! Seriously a six year old is not gay anymore than they are straight and frankly discussing the sexuality of a child is just plain creepy, perverse and wrong. I donít know and more importantly I DONíT care if there is a sexuality gene or whether it is a choice. And that is exactly my point its not my business what people choose to do behind closed doors and its not their business what I choose to do behind mine Who is anyone to judge? Everybody mind your own beeping businesses No one died and made you God!
We should all accept people as they are for who they are and all the rest isnít important and oohhh I am just royally peeved off!

End rant ( I feel better now I got that off my chest!)


  1. Lote-Tree's Avatar
    what really matters is who you are as person
    That is why there is Gay Pride March etc...I think we humans define ourselves via sexuality because without Sex we won't be here :-)
  2. AuntShecky's Avatar
    You're preaching to the converted with me, Nightshade, as I agree with you 100%.
    I think this is stems from folks' taking "intellectual" -- I use the term loosely--shortcuts; by generalizing others and putting them into categories such as the ones you mentioned folks think they "know" a person. This is a symptom of the Age of Instant Gratification. We're not interested in nuances or subtleties or anything that takes more than a couple of seconds worth of time.

    Nothing galls me more than hearing people describe my daughter as "disabled" and stick all kinds of seemingly-compassionate labels on here. And it pisses me off to hear the current President described as "our Black President."
    Which of the preceding 43 presidents were described as "our
    white President?"
  3. Nightshade's Avatar
    Exactly my point AuntShecky! And lote I think we need to find some new way of defining ourselves! Like how we contribute to society, but before you say it yes I know that evolutionarily speaking the greatest contribution is reproduction and therefore the most immediate and basic way to differentiate between groups is sexuality but still its a stupid way of looking at people, in fact most ways we look at people are stupid! * stomps off to look for some chocolate or tea*
  4. Dark Muse's Avatar
    I completely agree with you, I myself don't know just how to define myself in such terms, I am in some murky inbetweeness all the definintions and lables that have been created to describe gender and sexuality.
  5. AimusSage's Avatar
    that is why I have friends of every type... It is not relevent what' they are, just who they are....but when we can no longer discuss what they are, well, I like discussing what people are if it defines who they are, even to a small extent, I like to figure out what makes people tick, and sometimes I can be provocative... Not to insult, but to entice a reaction, because then you really get to know a person.
  6. OrphanPip's Avatar
    It would be nice if we could completely cast off labels. However, there is much more to these labels than the essentialization of character traits. When I self identify as gay, it isn't merely an indication of my sexual preferences, it is the admission of a connection with the broader cultural concept of "gayness" and with the gay community. Knowing someone is gay certainly won't tell you much about the fine points of an individual's personality, but it is far from a meaningless label. Admitting and embracing the label connects me with generations of individuals who have fought and suffered for sexual liberation, and with a community of people who have grown up with similar experiences. To say the label of being gay is meaningless is the same as rejecting any cultural values.
  7. Nightshade's Avatar
    Ok , yes I get that and I am not saying people shouldnt identify themselves as groups, its the judging groups or making a big deal about the achiovemnets of a person because they are from a certain group.
    But what I meant by my gay rant was and lefts forget the culture for a second because let's face it a six year old isnt really dealing with embracing the culture- labling a child, or rather making judgments on a 6 yearolds sexual orientation or sexuality is wrong and oh I don't know I was mad and angry and today I am just to happy to get back into that thought zone!
  8. Lote-Tree's Avatar
    But what I meant by my gay rant was and lefts forget the culture for a second because let's face it a six year old isnt really dealing with embracing the culture- labling a child, or rather making judgments on a 6 yearolds sexual orientation or sexuality is wrong and oh I don't know I was mad and angry and today I am just to happy to get back into that thought zone!
    Yes. It's stupid to label 6 year olds sexuality!

    Hey Teacher leave the kids alone! :-)
  9. OrphanPip's Avatar
    Well I don't want to rock the boat... but.

    I agree it is ridiculous to label a 6 year old as gay, and they certainly don't have any conscious cultural associations with the gay community. However, we as society do raise children with the presumption of heterosexuality. It isn't unusual for small children to mimic heteronormative relationships, to make claims to having boyfriends or girlfriends without understanding the full implications. Whether we like it or not, we do tend to label all children as normatively heterosexual until they grow up and prove otherwise.
  10. Nightshade's Avatar
    ok that is point I hadnt thought of though usually that is nature of rant!
    Mind you I am one of these spoilsport adults who tells children to stop being silly and no you do not have a girlfriend /boyfriend because you are too young!
  11. greendingy's Avatar
    all comments are good. And you "Aunt Shecky"(love the name and you Nighthade (also great name)....understand this till your dying day. What other people think has no meaning to you on a personal level. Rise above to the person you are, and give no weight to the judgmental or the flatterers. Stop thinking about other people OR YOU.Save it for voting time, and in between live your life with a mind full of creativity whose attentions are paid to ideas not other peoples opinions. Your life will pass quickly, and much will have been wasted, if this is ones primary focus. It will become a habit, this over pre occupation about what others think, and think of you.
    Its an illusion. Move on, keep your head high, think brilliant things an do brilliant and compassionate things and you will find that there is much more to life than ranting! Although that to can be a stepping stone. Just don't get stuck.