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  1. Good to see oyu here still here as well--I am way behind on stuff and still trying to figure out some of the changes goig on here.
  2. You are always welcome. I don't blog like I used to but I always think you as my Partner in Blogland. Hope things are gettting better--going to check now for updates. Take care.
  3. Thanks for your support
  4. Couldn't post on your blog for some reason so commenting here. Hope all works out for oyu and your mother--seriously
  5. Would have commented on latest blog but no line was available for it which sometimes happens I guess. I have fiund the older oyu get the less the birthdays getr remmebered or celebrated and I have had some really bad birthdays back in my younger days. Been lazy about blogging lately too. Hang in there.
  6. Good---thanks for the reassurance. At my age I appreciate anyone who is still alive and kicking and willing to talk to me. Take care.
  7. Totally fine as far as I know. It helps that I rarely go outside Thanks for your concern. I appreciate it.
  8. With the riots and all--are YOU okay plus oyur Mom?????
  9. It was very nice hearing from you. You are missed though my presence here hasn't been sterling lately either.
  10. Hi hi. Thanks for wishing me a Merry Christmas, sorry for not responding. Hope things are well for you
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