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  1. Why? Because you're way too cool, or what yer ol' Beatnik auntie used to call "hip."
  2. Just like the cliché of the Little Old Lady with the Broken Hip, I even have a walker! I still need help getting back and forth to the BR. Slowly but surely (don't call me "Surely")
    I'll try to catch up on the LitNet offerings I missed. Thanks for the good word.

  3. Ah, dear Auntie. Your poor hip. Hope you're feeling alright.

  4. This reader is now the proud owner of the best of the small presses Pushcart Prizes 2012.

  5. Thanks, Auntie. Been reading a lot lately. Can you recommend any great short story collections? Let's make it harder... nothing earlier than 1930?

  6. Just stopping by to say hello, from your not-so-secret admirer.
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