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  1. Now you better repent!
  2. Ok Virgo, you know that I need to ask this before I go to bed- but didn't you mention you were in love with someone? I think it was way back in December or around Xmas time. Do I have a faulty imagination, or was I just drunk when you told me that? When did the calling to the convent happen? LOL!
  3. I know you are right in that the church accepts converts. Well, that seems like something you really need to continue to pray about and listen to the calling. God will be with you as he always is.
  4. I'm speechless. I do not know what to say. I love God, but to do that seems very extreme. Do you feel called to the church? Are you a Catholic? I thought you were Protestant.
  5. You are a cruel and twisted hag, Virgo 27. But yes, you are right, I would not be scared to be alone and to never have realized true love in this life. I know what my purpose is and for me that is enough, even living the life I live now.
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