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  1. Miss you too, David. One more night and I'm off for 4. Gotta have some tests on Tuesday and that sucks but looking forward to time off. Give everyone time and you'll end up with more feedback than you want! Keep posting your work and get on here and give some feedback and visit and you'll see. Need to get 100 posts in so you can vote on the short story competition. Always some pretty good stories there. love ya!
  2. Hi, Sandy, and thanks again...sure have missed you the past couple of days. i'll put something on in the next few days. i don't want to hog the scene, and, besides, i'd love to see something from my favorite cousin to read. hope all is well, and, yes, i like this site, though i wish more people would come forward with feedback - d
  3. Hi David, I'm enjoying your poetry and short stories. Got more to post? Hope you're liking it here!
  4. David, go to Personal Poetry if you are posting the poem. At the top of the forum there is a blue button that says "New Thread" click on it and you post it then.
  5. Ok, I asked someone who will tell me in just a sec how to start a thread. I think it's the best way to get your work read.
  6. i'm having a lot of trouble getting anything posted
  7. Welcome! I'm glad your finally here. But, remember, I work nights and that's my excuse.
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