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  1. Oh, poor dear. Never mind it's not the day, it's it's the love.

    No, I didn't paint the house red, a dark beige and green window frames. I will upload some photos over the next few days.
  2. Paaalleeaasee... You are so funny. I spent the day painting the house... Real romantic ha? Was there any romance for you dear?
  3. To my Aussie friend... Happy Valentines Day to you my dear. Mwah to you.
  4. Yes, good thanks, nothing major.
  5. Hey girlie, happy Aussie day to you. Have a good one.
  6. Eeewww in a bin. Ah well it happens. Never mind.
    I used to enjoy New Years Eve, but lately the family always ends up arguing at these events. That I have been turning them down. I am forming enemies fast. But I am sick of all the arguing. Why should my kids see arguing at every party. The family hated me, but I did what I had to do to make my children happy... If I am cut off the will. So be it.
    Did you have fun on your birthday?
  7. Hi dear, glad you are having a good birthday. For New Years Eve we decided to take the kids into the city for family activities and 9.30pm fireworks. It was so hot and the activities were implemented for the very young children. My children were bored. At 8.00 the entertainment came on. Ross Wilson from the 80's band Mondo Rock was playing. My girl and I got close to the stage (with a couple of 100 or so people) and danced. 5 mins before the fireworks were supposed to go off, it plummets down rain and were told that due to the electrical storm there will be a delay in the fireworks. Anyway we didn't want to stick around and have to deal with all the drunks. We hop on the train and just as it takes off the fireworks go off... The train was packed with families, all cheering and laughing at the failed eve. Ah well, such is life. We ended up getting home at 11.30pm and starting up the barbie. We made so much noise for the 4 of us. What did you get up to?
  8. Hey girlie, just in case I miss. Have a happy birthday on the 4th.
  9. Hi dear have a Happy New Year.
  10. Hello again, yes there have been many exciting things happening. Both my children have excelled in their own ways, this year. I am very pleased. So what exciting things have you been up to?
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