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  1. Haven't got anything to say really.
  2. Thanks, but hopefully won't need too much luck I only have one left, and it's the easiest (so therefore the least stressful) - Biology of Australian Flora and Fauna... a few more days and then I'll have no uni till March
  3. I forget about a bad exam paper as soon as I'm done with it. It's only when it's time to get back the results that panic attacks. Anyway, good luck with the other papers, if there's still any more you need to take. You can head them all with "It's my Birthday today".
  4. Maybe I should have written "It's my birthday today" on the front - and they might have felt sorry for me and given me some marks

    I'm not too worried though, nothing I can do about it now - and the rest of the day made me forget about it
  5. Oh, sorry about your chemistry paper. Since you still had a great day, it's alright I guess.
  6. Thanks mrv

    Except for a horrible exam, a had a great day
  7. Hm...if logic hasn't failed me and if it was your chemistry exam today, it has to be your B'day today. Happy Birthday Jazz!
  8. Good luck with your chemistry exam.
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