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  1. dude – check your email :-)
  2. Hi, Phil
    Unable to send you PM as your mail box is full and not accepting new mails.
  3. Hey, Cap
    Hope all is fine. Summer is approaching, so you will be feeling great.
    Look grand in your new photo.
    I am loaded with work.
    Will PM you soon.
  4. Yo, dude, how are you? I am trying to write more – to better energize that side of the brain. Keep a watchful eye…
  5. Hope all is well?
  6. I don't know what to say. But as i keep telling you, keep your faith in God, come whatever.
  7. Sure, I would like to meet you. If I land up in US and am in your vicinity ( US is a big place), sure I would meet you. In case you visit my country, you are most welcome at my place.
  8. Maybe I will be the first quadriplegic to sail a boat to the Indian Ocean! Outwardly of course I'm kidding, but inside me, I tiny toddler jumps for joy at the thought. At the same time, a tear flows down the weathered cheek of an old man.
  9. I have received it this time... as you know by now because you have received my private e-mail. It is a strange feeling knowing you are way over there speaking to me nearly in real time. Do you suppose one day we shall meet?
  10. Pl check now
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