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  1. Would you consider voting in the "Don't know much about history" poetry contest? Many thanks!
  2. Interested? (Hope you are well, Pen)
  3. I'm on it, big guy. Hang in there.
  4. Not exactly OK, but I'm working through it. Prayer would be appreciated.
  5. That's fine; is everything OK?
  6. Sorry, Qimi, not currently in the mood for anything approaching Valentine's Day...
  7. I'm glad my picture arrive safely, Pen, and that you like it! It is very appropriate that it will hang in a library, honoring our connection and love of literature (even if I do generally read mysteries! ).

    I am glad you are better, and I will certainly keep you and your dear family in my prayers.

    God bless.
  8. I received your wonderful painting and thoughtful letter today. Thank you. I will frame and hang the painting in the room I am redoing as my library. I don't often get this sort of attention from my on-line friends, although Rich (mtpspur) calls me fairly often, and motherhubbard has e-mailed me at times. I am still recovering from my bout with the depression, but I am recovering. Things like this definitely help a lot. God bless your tender heart, and I will pray for your son. My oldest son also had ADHD and suffers depression as an adult. My youngest son suffers from anxiety attacks as does my daughter. Pray would be appreciated. Again thank you, and God bless. You will never know what this has meant to me.

    Dale (Pendragon)
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