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  1. Thank you Jo. I hope yours was special.
  2. Merry Christmas. I hope you and your family have a lovely day
  3. Thank you. Not only is he our joy, but he fits into the family as if he was always there! It's been perfect. God was looking out for us.
  4. Hi Virgil

    I have caught up on your blogs - specially the ones about Matthew, he is too cute by far. I am so very glad that you all found each other I can see how happy you all look.
  5. Oh my!!!!
  6. Hi Virgil I am back after a long while
  7. What's happened to you Jo? You left New York and you haven't come back. Seriously, hope you are well.
  8. It's a shame we missed each other Jo. I'm flying out tonight. You'll have to tell me about your stay in NYC.
  9. I have a new blog on the adoption if you're interested. Nice pictures too.
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