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  1. Thanks Anza.

    That is all very true, - and interesting. I suppose there must have been a moment where I stopped wanting to be older and wished I was younger. Perhaps you get a few years of equilibrium, where you fit your body age.
  2. <3

    In response to your last blog post, age is relative. I remember being younger and thinking "High schoolers are so cool!" and once I was in high school, "College kids are so cool!" Now it's "adults must have it more together than I do."

    And face it: you do.

    And no matter how old you are, honey, you've always got your whole life ahead of you. So, stretch in the morning, take a hot shower at night, and when you need a daytime nap, take one

    Rejoice in your old age and the wisdm of your years: You've earned them.
  3. I meant what I said

    Remember the world keeps turning and bad times pass. You are a remarkable person, bright and intellegent. Anger is natural but hate is self distructive, try not to give in to it.
  4. Heya! I just wanted to thank you for the very sweet blog comment
    I'm afraid I haven't seen you around here, due to my long absence of late.
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