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  1. Crikey, thanks!

    I rate that as high praise coming from someone with clear ability with pen and keyborad.


  2. May I just say that I've been reading the thread on where philosophy becomes drivel, and whilst we may well be poles apart in our religious beliefs, I just love the way you argue your corner. There doesn't seem to be a single purely emotive answer, but they are all well thought out, convincing and put in an appealing way. Oh, if only I had your arguing skills!! That being the case, I have no intention in getting involved in a theocratic discussion, because I'd come out of it bruised and battered, although I do agree that the churches have been the biggest cause of problems that mankind has ever suffered. Thanks for keeping me well informed, and, if I may say, entertained. I shall watch with bated breath.

    All the very best

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