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  1. Bwahaha!

    I also realise the score was at halftime as well!

    Yes, we'll stick to the rugby at this stage!
  2. Not really sorry, Slovenia are not known football greats. Looking at the odds they are around 400-500/1 to win the world cup. However friendly matches are to be taken with a pitch and this one just looks like a training match with both sides just rolling the ball around for fun (I've watched about 20 minutes of it). However, NZ don't look very much at the back based on this so at least your hunch with Italy might pay off. But like you say, at least you scored and you could squash them flat at rugby anyway!
  3. Sorry, I didn't see this, and I knew nothing about the game either, but I see we scored a goal!!

    Is Slovenia any good?
  4. Right-ho. I don't know if you knew, or was at all interested, or cared, but New Zealand have Slovenia in a friendly today, 19.45 my time. It might not be one for the purists, but it might be of interest, maybe...
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