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  1. Well I am busy and those threads killed number of stupid questions in Orwell section; I am wondering that we maybe should not make them so great

    I wanted to ask why on north and then I realized that rest of the world is up in the north for you I stopped by just because of Easter but this Earth joke got my attention.
  2. Mate! Good to see you again - you keep coming back!

    hope all is well up in the north.
  3. Just to stop and say hello to Room 102 inventor!
  4. No worries, but always glad to see you back!
  5. I see you're having everything under control I am glad for that.
  6. Agreeing is never a problem!
  7. I will answer tomorrow, it's midnight on my neck of the world
    Problem is I mostly agree with you. Or it is not a problem?
  8. Cheers, mate & same to you.

    It's going to be one of the more interesting years, 2009. New , black!, Prez in USA, world economies torn to shreds, Pakistan & India sablre-rattling...
  9. Happy New Year Alan !
  10. Never inappropriate, mate! Thanks!

    Hope you have a great day as well.

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