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  1. I'm really loving that avy! who ever chose it has great taste! hehehe
  2. Yeay!! You changed the avy!
  3. if you come online, i'll be right back!
  4. missed you by minutes! damnit!
  5. i got my holidays granted!!!!
  6. ok, back off to work again(split shift) left message explaining on facebook.
  7. If you come on i'm at home...
  8. cant get onto facebook in work so leaving you a message here. Will be home about 10.30pm my time if i dont get caught up in Football game traffic. 71.
  9. Jinx!!
  10. it will be around 11pm before i get on... I wont be finishing work till 10. i might get out at 9.30... which means be home sometime after 10.40 but not too sure...
    Oh and in case you havent noticed... I nicked your Avy! hehehe confused yet?
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