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  1. Thank you for your concer dear, but the tornado hit Northern Queensland at the top of Australia. We are in Melbourne at the bottom of Australia. You are such a dear. Mwah to you.
  2. Happy Valentines Day to you my dear. Mwah to you.
  3. You are such a gem, you... My girl and I thank you. Mwah.
  4. Hey dear can't stay Frances wants to come on. (we only have the one computer) Thanks for posting something on the Aussie day thread. Frances is happy someone noticed.
  5. Hey Maxi, when you get a chance, check out some new photos I have added to my honey album, Andrew giving Honey a bath.
  6. Ciao.
  7. Hey Maxi, what time is it where you are at the moment? It is 1.23am here.
  8. Oh, poor dears. Their mummy's don't let them stay up past their bedtime...
  9. Hey dear, is is like a public holiday everywhere? The boards are unusually quiet, this weekend.
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