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  1. About my profile painting, I'm going to say post-impressionistic---particularly the thick swirling texture saturated in earthy green, which runs against the traditional bright lights scheme. Cool you noticed.
  2. Hi, jon, quite impressed by your profile painting. Expressive, symbolic, or post-impressionistic? That wallpaper you found funky is a painting of van gogh's as well as the current one I'm using. My teaching is OK. No big problems. And sometimes quite pleasant.
  3. wow, this setup you got here is funky I like it! Loving that wallpaper, gimme some for my living room!

    How's your teaching going anyway?? Have you become disgruntled yet, or are you filled with hope and love for every one of your students?!
  4. Oh, JOn, you're back!!!!! I only knew this one second ago.
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