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  1. Been on another forum. They got rid of the blogs, so I thought I might check this place out again.
  2. I just got a warning for being in appropriate on the forum.
  3. FYI- Today is Thursday not Wednesday Shouldn't mix the days up, b/c then the weekend is further away. You'll have to wait for those drinks an extra day otherwise.
  4. Hey! I saw on here somewhere that you have a significant other? IS that true? That's such nice news, if so. I am waiting to hear about you meeting a nice lady.
  5. It's an ok book, and so is Freedom. I think it reflects the time as seen from certain people in our society. I find his writing a bit rambling with all of his views peppered throughout his writing. And a definite low hum of depression threaded throughout his books. There sure was and is alot of hoopla(sic?) about him.
  6. Hey again, I just read through the Franzen thread in general literature and I think dfloyd and I are in general agreement concerning an opinion about the book. I agree that his social commentary is mildly interesting, but nothing new or revolutionary. As far as it being defined as a postmodern novel- I really couldn't comment further. There is no comparison to Tolstoy's work. On the other hand, will this book be read in 100 years and if so, will it accurately depict our current western/American society?
  7. Thanks for the recommendation! I finally finished The Corrections. I think its a good book. I was a little outside of my literary comfort zone- at times it felt like I was reading a long-winded mystery and other times a lengthy biography. At times, Franzen, just doesn't know when to edit. Despite these complaints, I thought he did an excellent job balancing the story between being plot driven with well developed characters. For 500 pages, he keeps you turning the pages and motivates yo to reread a part if necessary. Thanks so much for the suggestion, it was a good reading experience.
  8. Thanks for stopping by. I find the Norwegians to be a very proud and kind people. I look forward to my return there. It is good fun!
  9. Cool pics. Cute Son. I love all the Scandinavian countries. I go to Oslo every year for a shipping company that I work with - brilliant fun.
  10. Oploaded picture from the Norway trip. Please stop by and take a look.
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