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  1. Thank you, Qimi!
  2. Happy Birthday, Nossa!
  3. From my part of the world to yours, Happy New Year, Nossa! May this year gbe filled with the goodness of all mankind's good interntions!
  4. Hey Nossa, Thank You. No new poetry at the time. I did start a thread in the poetry and games section of personal poetry and I post there from time to time, as do others. Check it out and write some! Work has been a little difficult lately. They laid off 500 teachers in my district. I was almost one of them. Sigh. I'm glad I'm still employed, but it is time to look for another job.

    Great pics, by the way. They are lovely and of lovely places. I have been to Europe and would give (almost) anything to go back! I know I will one day! I believe!!!!
  5. I really love your monthly wishes, Qimi Thank you!
    How's everything going with you? Any new poetry on the way
  6. Hola Nossa, May your October be filled with the dreams of a million stars.
  7. Thanks Qimissung It's a very busy september too! lol
  8. Happy September Nossa!
  9. I read that article about the Egyptian mother with her seven babies in the Dallas Morning News today. I thinkthe government is going to give them free milk and diapers for two years. It would be hard for any family to provide for eleven children (I think they already had three)!!!
    Thank you, Nossa, for the friendship request!!!
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