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  1. Thank you, Gilliatt. Yes, as usual I'm ready for the temperature to drop, so I can actually enjoy the outdoors instead of feeling like I need to hide from it.
  2. Happy birthday Qimi, hope you had a good day.
    Looks like we might get a little break from the heat toward the end of next week.
  3. Isn't this crazy? I turned on the air conditioner last night and then woke up to this! I hope our school will have a late start, anyway, but I'm also glad it will be quite a bit warmer in a few days and officially spring in a few weeks. Yea, spring! I can hardly wait!
  4. Are you enjoying the weather?
    Am I dreaming, we're we not enjoying the 70's yesterday?
    Now it's around 20 and the WC is piercing.
  5. Would you consider voting in the "Don't know much about history" poetry contest? Many thanks!
  6. Hi Gilliatt, would you consider voting?
  7. It has been very busy for me as well, but I do manage a few, albeit maybe 3 to 4, pages of reading each day.
    Yes, the Kimbell is fantastic, in fact the whole of Fort Worth's cultural district is great. Don't forget, you also have the Amon Carter and the Modern right there to make the drive worth while.
    Bernini alone is worth the trip though !
    I'm long overdue for paying a visit to DMA. I was hoping to see the recent Posters of Paris exhibit, but missed it.
  8. Hi Gilliatt, sorry to take a while to get back to you. I'm not taking the watercolor class this month; something came up, but I hope to start again next month and take it through May. It doesn't meet in June and July. I hope to learn something next month! So far, I am working very hard to merely keep up with the teacher. Maybe it will all come together soon. I look forward to that moment.

    Thanks for the info on Bernini. I think maybe I will make the trip to see that exhibit. The Kimball really is my favorite art museum around here, but I really, really don't like the drive, but I shall make the sacrifice! Hey, The Dallas Museum of Art made a change. I think it's now offering free membership, which is very cool, I think.
  9. Thought I would stop by to see how the watercolor class is going and to let you know the Kimbell Art Museum is currently exhibiting "Bernini Sculpting in Clay". The missus and I toured the exhibit today, it includes a number of his clay / terracotta studies and drawings used to develope the final design before executing the actual pieces in stone. This was a must see for me since I was fortunate enough to experience many of his sculptures while visiting Rome.
    I believe it runs into April if you're interested.
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