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  1. Same to you and your family!!
  2. Have a nice Thanksgiving!
  3. That's great news! That does give me hope. JS still is trying to figure it out. We have made no progress and he is uninterested in getting out of the diaper. I keep it off him when I can and then he asks to go. So he has more control over than he knows, but like I said, he loves his diapers.
  4. Actually a litle better. Matthew's teacher asked me if I wanted her to help with the potty training. I said "YES" if it is not a problem. Luckily there is one other boy that is still not potty trained. He has been sitting on the toilet at school at least 4 times while he is there. Sometimes he has to go other times he doesn't but the teacher said he doesn't fuss about it. The other day while home he actually asked to go and he did. Still no poop on potty but I am starting to get encouraged. Hang in there!!
  5. Hey Puss- How is the potty training going. AT daycare JS was put on the potty, then after he got off, he snuck into the playroom to go in his diaper. He also is holding it in for days and exploding in his diaper at daycare. We aren't being mean by any means, but he knows.
  6. I'm really glad to hear that you guys are well. I figured so, but then we didn't hear from you guys for a few days.
  7. Just saw your message. We survived the storm w/o any damage. People that live near the water is
  8. Send you and your family good wished. Hope you are all safe.
  9. Hell no!!! This is one conversation that I'll have to send a PM to you since it will be a long one.
  10. Hello Puss. Is your guy potty trained by now? Mine it taking forever and loves his diaper changed. He has no motivation to get out of the diaper. What have you been doing?
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