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  1. Yeah me too! I had low speed internet back then, that could be the reason for us not being on eachothers friend lists. I'm doing fine, graduating this semester. what kind of classes are you taking?
  2. I remember you. The funny thing is that when I saw your friend request I was surprised that we weren't already friends. I am doing well, still working. I've started taking classes again so I haven't been on the site a lot lately but I hope to change that. How are you what are you up to?
  3. Hey there old friend, remember me?
    I was reading my old blogs and I came around to one of your comments there... it tugged at my heart. How are you? What are you up to?
  4. Hey you!!! How's it going?Just stopped by to say you're right and CHE is a tough course!! my prof's are HELLISH! but I do love my books and studies,this term has been the worse ever, you know The Basic priciples and calculations in CHE book yeah? well we had to study that book this term and I'm stuck! my prof is sooooooooo harsh.that's why I'm gonna repeat it next semester along with thermodynamics 1 ,I haven't failed yet but I just give up on it in this term .did you have this problem when you were studying? any tips?
  5. Happy New Year!!! sorry for replying so late !I've been studying so hard lately i barely have enough time to come in LitNet and when i do my mind is so else where that i can't really enjoy bieng commented on my blog that you a degree in Chem Engineering.I was hoping you could help me with something ,do you have some quiz papers from your years of study in the subject of chemistry,cause i could really use some help in the way which Uni did you go to? and if you have any advice about how i should you know do my homework or anything concerning my grades that could help me get better marks I'd be glad to hear! thanks.
  6. HI! neat colors !missed ya!
  7. the blue is fantastic !!congrats!
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