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  1. Hi - I have copies of all the Hornblower books, I think, and quite a few other books about voyages and seamanship in the age of sail. I've never sailed out of sight of land, but I find that arm-chair sailing with Joshua Slocum or Henry Dana is quite satisfying. Even reading the "West Coast of India Pilot" is enough to set the adrenalin flowing.
    Although you live far from the sea, you should still get yourself a little boat - then you would have the feeling that any time you felt like it you could get on the nearest river and you'd be on the route to anywhere in the world.
  2. I love sailing vessels. If I were to ever go on a cruise, it would have to be a sailing vessel that I could be part of the crew. Someday I want my own sail boat, but I don't know where I'd go sailing. I'm too far from the coast to make it worth while. Are you familiar with C.S. Forester's works about Horatio Hornblower? There is a movie series that was done by A&E. I love to watch them sail.
  3. I am glad you enjoyed the song.
    The boat is mine, and I have a few pictures of it - none that do it justice, because, a) I'm not much of a photographer and b) when it's sailing I'm inside it, so I don't get the best view of it. I've put a few pics in an album which I think you can see in my profile - first time I've tried it, so I hope it works.
  4. I absolutely enjoyed this today.
    Is that your boat and do you have any pictures of it?
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