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  1. Thank you very much
  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!
  3. .

    I did so love the Redwall books - drove my mom crazy with quoting them. Now I'm the same with Lord of the Rings and Lord Peter.

    Thanks muchly!
  4. Hi andave ya!

    I think I'm the world's worst pen pal

    I missed out on the Redwall books (They were only just being written when my children were at the age for them - but my grandchildren will soon be ready for them, so perhaps I'll read them now, just to be prepared.)

    I enjoy your posts too - calmly conservative where that's called for, and fun in the right place - a good combination.

    Have fun

  5. I've never spoken to you on the LitNet before, although I've seen your posts, and I think I've missed out tremendously . For some reason you remind me of Brian Jacques, who was one of my childhood favorite authors.
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